Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Great Escape by HENRY

Well, pups. On Saturday morning, I decided it was time to give my Mom a scare. We were at the hotel in Terre Haute, and Mom had us all packed up and ready to go to the car. Well, she was going to take luggage and then come back for us later, but I had OTHER ideas. I ran out the door of our room and around the hall of the hotel. Mom followed me - exasperated, but not worried. Until she saw it.

The door was open! I saw it right after she did, and I was GONE. It was delicious. The wind in my hair. The grass in my toesies. All I needed to make it perfect was a bunny to chase.

Well, Mom tried to get me to come to her. She had treats, but they were nowhere near as tantalizing as the freedom of the open road, that is the Interstate. I started for it, but Mom yelled my name and started running in the opposite direction.

Chase! My favorite game! I ran after her, and naturally quickly got ahead of her. She got all pouty that I won and opened the car and got inside. She tried to get me to get inside with her, but I'm no dummy! I stayed just out of reach. Then, she went back to the hotel and tried to get me to come in that door. No dice, Mom!

Then, she went inside the hotel and closed the door. Harrumph. That's no fun. It was boring out there in the parking lot by myself, so I went and jumped in the car door she'd left open. Before I knew it, she was sprinting across the parking lot and closing the door to the car. Trapped! That Mom - she's clever sometimes.


Callista said...

Who was it Chad or Henry...you must have given mom a near heart attack! I was on the edge of my seat reading....yikes!

Maya said...

Sheesh!!! Monica, way to go with the self restraint! I always tell myself to run the other way when Janie gets loose but when it actually happens, I always end up chasing after her.

Henry or Chad, whichever one of you bolted, mom will get you back for this! BOL!

Winnie said...

Henry! Yikes!!!! I'm glad you're safe.... but your poor mom.

springs said...

and how many times did Mom throw up after you were in the car?
Greatest fear for any shiba owner. Glad you guys are safe and sound.
phog & aug

Henry and Chad said...

Chad reports that her legs were "very wobbly" when she went to get him out of the hotel room. And, she was not, shall we say, gentle, about fastening my seat belt. :(