Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Big Country Dogs

Look out world! We're rough and tough. We're BIG COUNTRY DOGS!

This is us drinking farm water out of the farm pail. We're real country now.

This is our Aunt Puff. She's pawsome and doesn't mind us drinking out of her water. Yesterday, we let her drink out of our little blue bowl. Today, we drank out of her BIG blue bowl.

I am thinking about digging here in, I mean, by Grandpa's flowers... But you didn't hear me say that!

This is me and my truck. I let Grandpa drive it, but it's really mine.

Did I mention that life on the farm is great? I'm so happy I could just lie here in the grass doing nothing.

The rest of the day, my Mom took pictures of flowers. So, if you're not interested in seeing flowers, you can consider yourself done with this post. If you ARE interested in flowers, then enjoy!

Not sure what they're called, but aren't they gorgeous? They're a type of coneflower, but the color is not something that we can find in any books.

The above four pics are of Bachelor's Buttons - they come in an astonishingly wide variety of colors, and are lovely!

This is a wide shot of one small segment of the front yard - Soapwort mixed in with varieties of yellow coneflowers.

Purple coneflowers - Mom's favorite!

A yellow poppy next to a dark Bachelor Button. Apparently a few days ago, there was a red poppy, too, but it's gone now. This is the one lone poppy in the whole field.

.... The End....


springs said...

Winning Gramma over - nice job, boys! Our mom is sad 'cause she is going to be in Clayton, MO next week, but without us!!!

Hope you are enjoying the farm and the spectacular weather.

Wags, Auggie & Phog

Winnie said...

I loved the photos, and the flowers are gorgeous! We're so envious of your vacation...

Masako & Winnie

Maya & Jon said...

Missouri looks so fun! I think you boys should go stand in the flowers so your mom can take a pic (like the older pic with Henry in the midst of all those yellow flowers).

What a great farm grandma and grandpa have. Enjoy your vaca!

<3 Janie