Monday, June 23, 2008

Our first day in Missouri

It started like this... a walk around the lake behind our hotel in St. Louis.

Here's the heron we scared. Fly little heron! Fly!

And then Henry almost caught one of these. Mom was HORRIFIED when she realized how close he'd come to catching a baby duck. She'd thought they were all in the lake, but one little loner was just hanging out on the shore waiting for me. But he got away.

Then we went to see the Arch!! Here's the park around the arch, complete with some goslings that Mom would not let me get close to AT ALL.

Here we are sniffin' around the Arch. It's big!!

This has nothing to do with us, but is just a picture of the flooding at the Arch.

Then we got in the car and we drove and drove and drove. And then, we were at the FARM!!! Here's a pic of one of Grampy's flowers.

The first thing Chad and I did when we got there was find some dead things to roll in! It was PAWsome! We smelled so yummy. Here I am on the porch basking in my new perfume.

Here's Chad chillin' in the grass.

After we got back to the hotel, we had baths. Boo!!!! Now we smell like Pantene. Yuk! Tomorrow we're going back to the farm, though, so we'll smell good again soon!


Callista said...

I love your perfume Ad Henry, you look great and I bet you smelled just as lovely!

Vi said...

Looks like lots of fun! Too bad you couldn't get close to the goslings. That would've been fun to sniff & chase.